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Times are changing due to the current situation in the UK and now we as a company have to adapt. We’ve been teaching online for quite some time, delivering quality lessons, via different video call platforms here and there. However, little did we know this would now have to be implemented on a much wider scale to allow our customers to access the same quality tuition they would face-to-face. In all honesty, it’s allowed us to survive! It has been quite a journey getting this implemented but we’re pleased to now officially announce we’ve managed to move most of our music lessons online for the foreseeable while our main facilities are closed , with the addition of some really cool masterclasses, workshops and group sessions too. Some of which are FREE! All are listed on Facebook, just check out the events section here: www.facebook.com/teachmemusicacademy So how have we done it? we’ve had to source a reliable online music lesson platform, initially using Skype, however this proved difficult to provide multiple lessons at the same time. So, we then did some research and discovered Zoom. A very reliable, adequate and solid video platform, which is downloadable on pretty much any device. Pretty snazzy, eh? Zoom is really handy to deliver our online music lessons. So what is the difference between video lessons and face-to-face? Good question. To be honest, if you have a good internet connection, not much! It understandably, doesn’t suit everyone. But for those who have made the switch so far, it’s proven to be pretty decent. From our end, we provide all the audio through a music interface, this is basically in its most simplest form, an additional sound-card, capable of allowing musicians to plug their instruments into the computer. Thus, allowing them to send HD audio to the receiver. On Zoom’s audio settings we simply just assign the sound to come from the interface. Obviously, you need to hear us talking too, so every tutor has been given a cool lapel microphone so you can hear them loud and clear! We’re using Audio-Technica PRO70 Cardioid Condensers which are really well priced for what they offer. Check them out below, really handy if you’re doing your own YouTube videos or blog posts! Ok, so you can plug a guitar in, a bass and a keyboard. What about drums? Well this one’s simple! We’re using some of the latest technology to deliver drum lessons online, via a Roland TD17 KVX. It’s a pretty cool piece of kit, right out of the box. You see, the issue with electric kits has long been the fact they’re just not the same as the real deal, however the technology has now advanced so much, it’s getting incredibly difficult to resist using one. Of course, this can be done with an acoustic kit, however then you have the issue with a whole world of cables, microphones and well, it’s just a mess! Plus, we don’t think the neighbours would appreciate the constant tapping even though we think it’s the coolest thing in the world! The electric kit has been a saviour, allowing us to teach pretty much all hours of every day. It’s also really easy to hook-up to our laptops (which we use to teach on). One cable is all it takes. Roland have a range of TD17 kits with different configurations and if the TD17 isn’t affordable, the TD-1DMK is great for beginners at a reasonable price (for Roland). If you’re considering an electric kit and have the budget, these won’t disappoint. They come as a highly recommended purchase from us here! Links below for the cheapest prices on Amazon with quick delivery! The following kits are our top recommendations!  Would you like to try a free online lesson or make the switch? Well, as we’ve got some extra time on our hands, we thought we’d be super generous. So we’re giving every new customer a free 1-2-1 taster session online across all the instruments we cover. We’ve even put a cool link below! Use this link to sign-up: We’ve developed an awesome, new booking portal to make it easy for our customers to make a booking. Reserve your space here today!  https://10to8.com/book/teachmemusicbookings/ All in all, it’s been a pretty busy few weeks with us! We’re going to be updating loads more content in coming weeks, making additions and edits to our new website to make it even better and obviously, we’re going to ensure we’re delivering the coolest music lessons available. We hope you’re all well and safe and we’ll see you soon! Got a question? Email us and we’ll be happy to have a chat lessons@teachmemusicacademy.co.uk        

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