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Terms and Conditions

14 day free trial terms and conditions:

Welcome to Teach Me Music Academy. Our 14 free trial gives you access to our superb tuition, facilities and the extra perks we offer of learning at no cost. Trials are subject to T&C’s which are listed below:

The 14 day free trial is a subscription based trial and payment for our regular services will commence once the 14 day free trial has elapsed unless the customer contacts us to cancel the subscription and changes their mind

The 14 day free trial is only available on 30 minute lessons (one hour lessons can be set up at any time by adjusting your regular subscription payments, once the 14 day free trial has elapsed).

In order to be eligible for the trial customers must supply their card information at the time of signing up and agree to the subscription terms and conditions

If customers cancel any sessions or fail to show up during the free trial, the trial lessons are non-reimbursable and the subscription will continue as normal (this is not the same for regular subscription lessons being paid in full)

Customers on the 14 day free trial may access all of our facilities in-line with the same access any regular subscription customer would have

Full Subscription T&C’s. These are the following T&C’s for customers who have entered into a full subscription:

The subscription will be billed and charged monthly on the agreed date specified. Payments are taken by the following methods: direct debit, and automatic card payment though our subscription software.

Customers may cancel their subscription at anytime; however must give 7 days notice. Failure to give the correct notice will result in the customer not being able to obtain a refund for that time and the company will be within its right to refuse this.

If a customer fails to attend a lesson without prior notice of 24 hours; the lesson will be charged at the full rate and no refund will be applicable. If the lesson is cancelled with prior notice (no less than 24 hours), the company will move the lesson to a different day, double up the lesson for your next slot or refund on the customers request. Refunds take between 3-5 working days and are processed through our payment provider. If a customer is unwell or has children who can’t attend due to being unwell; it’s recommended you contact us as soon as possible to prevent being charged. If a lesson must be cancelled from our end; this will always be moved to a different day, doubled up for your next slot or refunded in full at the customers request.

For the duration of any active subscriptions, customers may access our facilities for free rehearsal time and take advantage of any additional benefits of being a member.

Missed payments will result in the lessons being temporarily suspended and if no subsequent payment is made to bring the balance due up to date within 14 days the lessons will be cancelled. Customers who have missed payments will be contacted by our team in order to bring their fees up to date. If customers are unable to make payments on the specified date and time they must inform us. Customers who miss payments on more than 3 consecutive months will be removed from the subscription software and will be asked to pay via a separate method and will loose the discount applied to the subscription resulting in lessons being paid for at the full price.

VAT: All of our payments are subject to 20% VAT which is included in the subscription price and clearly listed on any invoice or receipt the company sends.

Customers may request receipts, invoices or payment history information at any time

The company will keep safe the customers data, sensitive information and not disclose this to any 3rd party.

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