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So what is all this about? Welcome to ACCESS ALL AREAS! Sure, watching YouTube videos and switching between an endless steam of content online is useful! It’ll even help you gain a little knowledge, pick up a technique or two. These smaller snippet videos of free pre-recorded content are great. But, what you can’t beat, is a real live experience with a tutor who’s on hand to guide you, provide you with the right tips and answer your questions there and then! Well! We have done just that, and to be honest, our free classes are really creating a buzz! We’re covering these classes on our most popular options! Certainly worth a try! In no particular order: DRUMS, GUITAR, BASS, PIANO and COMPOSITION (A new addition coming soon). Plus more in the pipeline. Check out our cool advert below giving you a bit more of an insight. If after that you’re convinced to give it a try. Scroll down to find out more!

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So what is happening? We are giving away FREE content to every subscriber, every lesson comes with a FREE downloadable PDF sent directly to your email and even better, you can join every week! The live sessions are structured and follow different subjects each week, but are aimed at the beginner to intermediate musician. Which makes sense, as we’re a music academy! Oh did we mention, this is all FREE? You get the idea. We have a great community of online musicians you can engage with as well. Many of you have joined them in previous weeks and we appreciate the support! What if I prefer a 1-2-1 experience?  Fear not! For the more serious musician who’s looking to get a real dedicated 1-2-1 experience, why not try one of our dedicated 1-2-1 online music classes with one of our awesome tutors? Half an hour taster sessions are available for FREE. Oh, it’s that word again. We’re sure you get the idea now. You can make a booking for these below as well! What if I’m already awesome at all the beginner and intermediate stuff and want a challenge? Well. Fancy something a little tougher? This is where we can really get down and nerdy. We’re offering Advanced Masterclasses to those who really wish to refine their skills. Though these aren’t free, they’re a small price to pay for a wealth of knowledge. At only £10 per session (which is an hour long might we add plus more!), these come in at an absolute bargain and are guaranteed to give you some advanced material to work on. These sessions over the coming weeks will be looking at concepts, techniques and styles for the advanced musician. The beauty of all these online music lessons, is that they’re available for you to book as and when you wish! You can even do them from the comfort of your own home. Yeah, we’ve got some pretty tasty stuff lined up over the coming weeks, therefore, it’s important you make the most of it!

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Try this cool booking portal. Here you can choose your booking and secure your place. Click the link and give it a moment to load and you’re done! MAKE A BOOKING HERE For those of you who are new, have questions and want more information please drop us an email at: booknow@teachmemusicacademy.com and we’ll be super happy to help.

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