HOW TO Change Your Bass Guitar Technique Mid-Song

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How to Change technique mid-song 
We’re all guilty of playing songs with one technique, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Most of us would change technique from song to song if needed, switching finger style to Slap or finger style to plectrum.
Most of us never experiment with changing technique mid-song. The main reasons why we’d even think about it is to add changes to our tone, dynamics or articulation. Three fancy words that mean how the bass guitar sounds, how loud we are and how the notes sound.
We’ll be discussing finger style, slap bass and palm muting in this lesson.
Tone is a big reason why changing technique mid-song can add character and texture. Finger style is the middle ground, e.g. not too loud, the notes are clean and it’s a common way for the bass guitar to sound. If we switched to palm muting then the tone is more muffled and the bass guitar has more thud. If we switched to slap bass then the tone is very bright and very snappy.
Dynamics are a big factor in sounding like a professional bass player. Being able to bring the volume down, or build up the intensity by playing louder is a great tool for any musician. If we treat finger style as the middle ground for our dynamics (volume), we can use palm muting to pull the volume down or slap bass to bring the volume up. Dynamics can be achieved with any technique, but switching up your techniques can make the changes more drastic and that’s a good thing, believe me!
Articulation can play a big part in why we’d change technique mid-song. The notes have less or more attack and decay by changing your technique. Attack is how the initial part of the note sounds, e.g. decisive and quick, or smooth and slow. Decay is how long it takes for the note to cease. Experiment with the different techniques discussed in the lesson and see if you can hear the difference.
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