TOP TIP How To Gain A Faster Plucking Hand On BASS GUITAR

Your Plucking hand is your secret weapon as a Bass player and here’s why: 


The top reason why you can’t play anything with consistency

All bass players concentrate on their fretting hand, (the hand that touches the frets) more than their plucking hand, (the hand that makes the string vibrate). This isn’t a bad thing so to speak, but it takes two to tango! We need to concentrate on our plucking hans exclusively too. This is video is my top tip to gaining control over that ‘weak’ and ‘neglected’ plucking hand. One simple trick is all you need.

Play like all the pros and increase your accuracy

Speed is the most common reason we focus on our plucking hand, but I’m here to tell you that’s all wrong! Watch any professional bass player and you’ll see it’s all about accuracy. You need accuracy first. No one wants to listen to a fast, sloppy bass player. Trust me. If you can play the exercise in this video accurately at any tempo, then you’re on the path to success.

Unlock your full potential and increase your speed

Once you’ve got the accuracy you can finally unlock your full potential and improve your speed. The video above will show you a simple, but effective trick to increasing your speed. It may take some time, but no one conquers the mountain without preparing themselves for the climb! Starting slow is important for your musical growth and speed. Remember that!

How a simple repetitive pattern can transform you into a ridiculously good Bass player 

If you want to see improvement quickly, then repetitiveness is the key. We need to take small, bitesize patterns and play them on repeat to internalise the movement. Your plucking hand and technique needs to be committed to memory. This is the answer to all of your problems when you can’t play ‘fast enough’.

Why your plucking hand sucks and how to correct it with minimal effort 

Your plucking hand might suck. Harsh, but true. The video will show you how to correct any issues with minimal effort. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is and kick yourself for not realising it sooner. Why make it complicated when you can make it simple!

How to build your endurance using this number one trick 

So speed and accuracy is great right? What about endurance? You might be able to play quickly, but if it’s only for 20 seconds that’s not going to help anyone, especially if the song is 3 minutes. Don’t worry, this video has all the answers! thank us later.
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